Massage Therapies


A relaxing traditional massage focusing on increasing circulation within the body.  This style of massage includes a combination of smooth, flowing strokes.  It is excellent for stress and tension relief.

Connective Tissue

This style of massage works on a deeper level affecting the connective tissue throughout the body.  The intention is to bring presence and awareness to the area of the body that is receiving the work.  This approach is especially beneficial for muscle aches and joint pain.

Pregnancy massage

This service is designed especially for the mother to be, to pamper and care for the changes the body is going through and to honor the process of bringing new life.

(Swedish, Connective Tissue and Pregnancy Massage)
30 Minutes...$35.00*60 Minutes...$70.00*90 Minutes...$95.00

Hot StonesMassage

The soothing warmth of hot stones in combination with rhythmic Swedish strokes will melt away tension and leave you in a state of deep relaxation.

30 Minutes...$45.00*60 Minutes...$80.00*90 Minutes...$105.00

On Site Chair massage

Great for special events or employee appreciation.  Done completely clothed in a chair especially designed for this portable style of massage.

$60 per hour